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We're turning Cardio into a Giant Game of Team Turf War

Run The Map

Own areas around town, just by walking or running

Track Your Stats

Syncs with fitness trackers to keep all your routes in one place

Run as a Team

Join up with friends and coworkers to capture territory

Rise Up The Ranks

Climb the leaderboard to earn badges and support your team

First Live Alpha Sneak Peak

Our app is currently in a private alpha with our dedicated playtesters.
While you're waiting on public access, here's a taste of what the app will become.

Working with Us - Get on the Map!

We're partnering with your favorite gyms, sports teams, fitness brands and more to let you conquer the map with your community.

If you have a brand and you're looking to engage your fans or drive traffic to your retail location reach out below!

Meet Our Team

Destin George Bell

Co-Founder / CEO

Max Miranda

Co-Founder / CTO

Meet Our Advisors

Kevin Callahan

Founder of MapMyRun

Jon Werner

Former Director of Innovation - Adidas Mobile Fitness

Eric Lanz

Former Senior iOS Engineer - Pokemon Go

Edward Dorsey

Former Senior Experience Designer - Strava

Jordan Blackman

Former Lead Game Designer - Zynga & Ubisoft